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Our values

Our goal is to be close to our candidates and clients and to bridge the gap between them. We work to establish trust, a cornerstone upon which short or long-term relationships with our clients are built.

Availability, simplicity, and listening

  • We tailor our schedules to those of our clients to be as available as possible.
  • We offer our clients a simple, efficient, and customized administrative service.
  • We carefully study our clients' requests to provide them with the most suitable solutions for their needs.

Quality, rigor, and objectivity

  • Our objective is to meet the expectations and needs of our clients and candidates. The quality of the work provided is the value we prioritiez above all else, for your satisfaction.
  • Precision, rigor, and the pursuit of objectivity are the cornerstones of our company. Our employees ensure the respect of these values to guarantee you an optimal result.


Certified VCU-VCA, the safety of our temporary employees is essential and at the heart of our concerns : awareness, brochures, workplace sheets, medical visits, management of PPE...

Flexibility and innovation

  • We offer our clients economical, simple, and flexible solutions.
  • We leverage our technological innovation for the benefits of our clients : sourcing, video capsules...