The professionalism and tools of a multinational with the flexibility of a SME

Our general process is as follows :

  1. Needs definition : In-depth analysis of the company's needs.
  2. Identification of desired candidates : Selection of the most appropriate identification techniques.
  3. Candidate selection : Each candidate is carefully chosen according to the company's needs.
  4. Candidate presentation : Once selected, we present them to the company.
  5. Integration and follow-up : We ensure the best integration of our candidates and remain available to them when needed.

Temporary work

Recruitment and placements of employees, executives, workers, and students

Triangle Solutions HR Belgium strives to bring flexibility to businesses while respecting the validity of using temporary staffing.

We ensure the connection between our clients and our candidates so that the collaboration between them is as beneficial as possible. We thus offer our clients candidates who can thrive in their work environment and develop their full potential so that both parties find satisfaction.

In this perspective, it is very important for us to meet our clients and visit tehir facilities. This allow us :

  • To better understand their company culture.
  • To assess their needs.
  • To fully understand the reality of the field and the work environment in order to guarantee the safety of our temporary workers.
  • To maintain a close and trusting relationship with our clients.

Similarly, we meet our candidates through qualitative interviews that allow us :

  • To better understand their potential.
  • To understand their motivations.
  • to assess their professional skills and make use of them for the benefits of our clients.

Don't expect us to be like the others.

Permanent recruitment and high-profile selection

To provide the most suitable HR solutions to our clients, Triangle Solutions HR Belgium offers the possibility to support high-profile recruitment and selection through various tests :

  • Personality
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Motivations
  • Reasoning
  • Languages and communications

The tests allow us to assess candidates on various aspects related to the position to be filled, enabling us to propose candidates who best match your expectations.

Payrolling, administrative and legal management of your tasks

Do you already have a candidate and want to put them to work ?
Do you lack the time, energy, money, or expertise to handle administrative tasks ?

Triangle Solutions HR Belgium is here to assist you and take the administrative burden off your shoulders ! We handle everything on your behalf. For more information on this matter, we invite you to use the contact form and/or contact one of our agencies..

Inhouse, personalized and flexible solution

At Triangle Solutions HR Belgium, we understand that every company is unique and that its staffing needs can vary significantly. That's why we have developed our in-house services, a personalized and flexible solution designed to directly meet the specifi requirements of your business. 

Why Choose Our In-House Services ?

  • Dedicated Expertise : By choosing our in-house services, you benefit from a dedicated consultant who works directly from your premises. This professional is fully integrated into your team, understanding your corporate culture, daiy challenges, and long-term goals perfectly.
  • Increased Responsiveness : Having an in-house consultant allows for quick and effective responses to all your recruitment needs. Whether for temporary or permanent positions, we ensure an optimized recruitment process and immediate solutions.
  • Flexibility and Customization : Our in-house services are designed to adapt to your specific needs. We offer tailor-made solutions, whether it's managing large volumes of recruitment, developing employee retention strategies, or handling internal talent management.
  • Cost Reduction and Time Savings : Having an in-house consultant significantly reduces costs associated with traditional recruitment processes. Moreover, you save valuable time that can be reinvested into your core business activities.
  • Access to an Extensive Network : Our in-house consultant has direct access to our extensive database of qualified candidates and our network of industry professionals. This ensure swift and efficient selection of the best talent for your company.

Qualified profiles, long-terme missions

Specialist in the selection of qualified profiles

We focus on 2 main areas :

  • Support and administrative functions (sales, HR, marketing, procurement, ...)
  • Technical professions (engineering, quality assurance, logistics, ...)

For this reason, we guarantee our clients a high degree of specialization, involvement, and commitment. Our services are personalized and tailored to the specific needs of the companies and candidates we work with.
During the recruitmen process, we select the best candidates based on our clients' specific requirements.

Our selection process

In the context of recruitment or mobility within your team, we enhance your selection process through our Assessment Centers :

  • In-depth interviews focused on the candidates' motivation and ambitions.
  • Using our recognized testing tool, we assess candidates based on their personality, reasoning ability, language proficiency, etc. Psychotechnical tests are tailored to the specific requirements of the envisaged role and the company's structure.

Triangle Talent, a preferred HR partner

Triangle Talent is a preferred HR partner. We support you in all your human resources challenges. Through our network of partners, we help you retain and develop talents within your company. We assist you in internal mobility processes and ensure that your employees thrive in positions that suit them.